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Michael Samuelson is an expert in leadership, health promotion, patient experience, health policy, disease prevention and change. In addition to his motivational speaking on wellness and leadership, Michael provides consulting services in population health management, workplace wellness programs, and healthcare policy initiatives.


Over the past 30+ years — from Boston to Brussels, London to Little Rock, Peoria to Paris and Harrisburg to Havana, Cuba — Michael Samuelson has lectured on leadership, health promotion, patient experience, health policy, disease prevention and the dynamics of behavior change. An author of five books and numerous articles on leadership and behavior change, his work has been featured on the ABC News program, 20/20, The CBS Morning Show, CNN and MSNBC as well as numerous national print publications including The New York Times, Boston Globe, The Lancet, Employee Benefit News, Business Week and USA Today.

His distinguished professional resume includes successful entrepreneur, intrapreneur, senior executive in the health insurance industry, CEO, university lecturer and US health policy advisor. His writings, audio work and behavior change programs have been distributed to millions throughout the world and have been publicly endorsed by scientists, politicians, advocacy organizations, business leaders and media personalities including: George H.W. Bush, Betty Ford, C. Everett Koop, Ken Blanchard, Jim Prochaska, Dee Edington, The LIVESTRONG Foundation and Larry King.

Michael completed his graduate studies at the University of Michigan School of Education, is a Vietnam Era veteran of the US Air Force (1967- 1971) and a recipient of the Commander’s Coin of Excellence from the US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine. Practicing what he preaches, Michael is an avid world trekker with high altitude mountain adventures logged in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, Alaska and the US lower 48. All after the age of 50 and after being diagnosed with cancer. Wellness works!

Michael Samuelson, Founder & CEO


Inspirational Speaker

Michael has given more than 500 talks on the subjects of Health & Wellness, Leadership, and Cancer Survivorship. He has served as keynote speaker, panel moderator, and presenter.

 “What a marvelous inspirational book [Voices from the Edge] you have put together — it is so touching as one reads each story. However, I am not surprised after meeting you and hearing you speak…”
—Mrs. Betty Ford, Former US First Lady

Health & Wellness Consultant

Michael has traveled the world provide expert guidance on the development and implementation of health and wellness programs. Michael is an expert on population health, children’s health education and community outreach, and his latest passion – senior wellness.

“Michael, thank you for helping our stakeholders turn on their radar.”
—Willie G. Davidson, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Respected Author

See Michael’s published works and the latest information about the upcoming release of his new book: Beyond Cancer Survival…Living a Life of Thrival

“A really powerful and very important book [Voices from the Edge] with life lessons for everyone. Five stars!”
—Larry King, Larry King Live, CNN


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